Freight forwarding company Raven Group LTD

Our adress

192012, St.-Petersburg, etc. Obukhovskoy oborony, d. 120, lit. «By», Office 302 phone: +7 (812) 409-51-65 Fax: (812) +7 409-51-65


Raven-group LTD is a modern, energetic, logistics company, founded by a group of specialists of different spheres of activity. Combining years of experience in different structures and companies, we are ready to solve the most complicated tasks with a more professional approach and expertise using the best solutions from its practice in industrial, legal and transportation companies. As a result, we managed to bring together:

  • transportation
  • customs
  • FEA services
  • construction
  • jurisprudence
  • government organisations
  • IT technologies.

Therefore, we are ready to tackle the most challenging tasks in business. Our experience and trust within our group brought us together in the Raven group LTD. Companies with big names had not always paid tribute to the amount of attention and time on communication and processing tasks from new customers and suppliers. We work for ourselves just as you do, so our approach to each client and partner based on confidence, so we can have a long and fruitful work. As we all know, service and business quality does not depend on companies but on people who work there, so the Raven group LTD is just a legal name to work with us. By referring to us, in addition to your needs you will receive positive and invaluable experience of working with open and honest people. We do not undertake tasks that cause doubt and uncertainty. By taking a job, we are confident in the performance of the task and take responsibility for it.