Raven-group company provides international and Russian domestic air cargo from 50 kg to the chartering of aircraft, as well as special aircraft; also we provide a full range of services to support air transportations

  • customs clearance
  • Marking
  • Survey
  • insurance
  • Photo Gallery:
  • checking and correction of documents

Door to door air transportation

Includes the following steps:

  1. Checking the sender documents
  2. Taking delivery from a supplier
  3. Delivery of cargo to the airport of departure 4. Customs clearance
  4. Photos from a stock
  5. Airfreight
  6. Transit if needed
  7. Customs clearance at the airport of arrival
  8. Delivery to a warehouse of the addressee

The main directions of air transportation of the goods

  • United States-Russia-United States
  • China-United States-China
  • Europe-Russia-Europe
  • Africa-Russia (there are limitations on certain African countries)
  • Australia-Russia-Australia
  • Korea-Russia-Korea
  • Russia (domestic transport)

Please contact us for further information on other directions.

Why choose air transportation?

The main advantage of airline is the delivery speed. Despite the fact that this type of transport is the most expensive, higher cost is justified by the need to deliver goods in the short term. Raven-group will process your request within 24-48 hours and will deliver cargo in 1 day (import/export) from anywhere in any direction. If your delivery dates are limited, then the best solution is to contact Raven-group LTD and we will deliver your shipment on time!