Cargo transportation

We are transport and logistics company, covering all types of cargo transportation of any complexity and possible additional services, such as short-term and long-term cargo storage, paperwork on cargo facilities at interchange points, etc. You can completely entrust your logistics to us!



International and domestic cargo transportation

Raven-group offers freight forwarding services for international and domestic Russian cargo transportation, including combined ways transportation. We provide all possible storage and logistics services, including customs clearance, certification, survey services, insurance assistance, etc. Our Office is located in St. Petersburg. We have warehouses in St. Petersburg and the city of Lübeck (Germany).


Our services

Port forwarding
What is port forwarding for? Port forwarding is an integral part of any carriage of goods by sea and consists of the following parts: registration of necessary documents for each operation with the... подробнее
Warehousing and consolidation
Warehousing «Raven-Group»Co. LTD offers services of secure storage of cargo at the open and dry warehouse. Our warehouses are located near Moscow (Stupino city), in Germany (Lübeck) and Saint Petersburg (Gatčina city). We... подробнее
Special transports
We carry out all types of special transport hazardous cargoes bulk cargo oversized and heavy cargoes chartering by air and sea (total or individual loads) Projects (factories, power plants, bridges and tunnels) ATA... подробнее
List of services Basic services: certification by GOST R and TS Declaring goods by GOST R Declaring goods according to TC 010 TR/2011 "On the safety of machines and equipment” Declaring goods according... подробнее
Insurance and survey
Why do you need insurance and survey? During storage of goods in a warehouse, there is risk of damage or loss. In a way, when moving cargo, the likelihood of damage or loss... подробнее
Cargo shipping
Cargo delivery with the «Raven-group» «Raven-group» Co. LTD provides services for international and domestic cargo transportation. Our main services are services in the following modes: Motor transport Air transport Sea and river transport Railway... подробнее
Multimodal transport
Multimodal transport Multimodal transport Raven group LTD has a vast experience in the Organization of door to door transportations of cargoes using different modes of transport (multimodal transport). When you run the transportation... подробнее
FEA consulting services turnkey
Trucking Air transportations Sea and river transportation Railway transportations Customs clearance FEA consulting services turnkey Search. Purchase. Delivery. Raven-group LTD provides services in the field of foreign economic activity. The main objective is... подробнее
Customs clearance
Trucking Air transportations Sea and river transportation Railway transportations Customs clearance FEA consulting services turnkey Customs clearance services For the full implementation of the transportation, customs clearance procedure is an integral part of... подробнее

Our Office

Our Office
  • 192012, St. Petersburg, pr.Obuhovskoy oborony, 120-K; office 302

  • +7 (812) 409-51-65

Warehouse in St.Petersburg
Warehouse in Lubek
Warehouse near St.Petersburg