Raven group LTD will help you to find out the best decision on shipping cargoes by water

We offer transportation of cargo by sea and/or river transport:

  • cargo transportation in universal containers (marine) full (FCL) or partial (LCL);
  • transportation of general cargo (without packing) conventional multi-purpose courts (Multipurpose) chartering a single vessel for shipment the customer;
  • chartering of specialized Heavylift vessels with arrows for transporting loading/unloading of heavy and oversized cargoes up to 1600 tons;
  • chartering of specialized half-steeped Semisubmersible type vessels “for maritime transportation, loading/unloading of super heavy and oversized loads of several thousand tons;
  • chartering of sea/river tonnage for the carriage, loading/unloading by RO-RO method;
  • chartering of specialized courts to ensure transportation of dry and liquid cargo;

Transportation of cargoes in containers

The majority of the world market of trucking refers to container traffic. Sea containers are universal types of the transport packaging (transport cell), which enable the delivery of relatively small consignments with change of sea/river transport vessels to the railway or motor transport without transshipment (reloading) the contents of the container (cargo). Depending on the place of departure and the place of delivery Raven-groups LTD will help you to select an optimal maritime line for transportation of your cargo, including the following works and services:

  • calculation and drafting of schemes securing cargo in a container, taking into account the transport regulations of a shipment line;
  • freight cost calculation and design of multimodal bill of lading by international standard;
  • accommodation booking to shipment line;
  • feeding container under loading to the warehouse of the sender, as well as receiving of cargo in the port (railway or road) for further transshipment into the container;
  • port forwarding and registration of accompanying documents;

Types of containers

Depending the cargo character uses different types of containers for transportation of oversized, loose, liquid, hazardous and perishable goods. Details can be found here