Customs clearance services

For the full implementation of the transportation, customs clearance procedure is an integral part of the cycle. Raven-group LTD provides complex services on customs clearance of goods (all customs regimes), namely:

  • assistance in the preparation of full package of documents for customs clearance.
  • legal support of preparation of foreign trade transactions and analysis of trade deals prison (or projects) for compliance with customs legislation, as well as to assess the risk for adverse consequences in the field of foreign economic activity.
  • Preliminary elaboration of the assortment of imported goods (preliminary calculation of customs duties, goods classification and defining a code with HS) to assess the expected economic effect upon movement of goods, customs risk management, as well as to prepare for customs clearance of cargoes.
  • preliminary declaring (prior to his admission to the place of customs clearance), the issue of customs declaration, including registration of internal documents on behalf of the customer.
  • receipt of the Declaration for release of the goods.
  • assistance in contacting the competent authorities to obtain approvals for import and export of goods (class solutions, certificates, rejection letters, licenses, an independent valuation of goods, etc.).
  • counselling and dispute resolution if you encounter unusual situations.